200 Hours TTC

200 Hours TTC


Awards : Yog Prashikshak200hourTTCYog Prashikshak
Teaching fee:Free
Accommodation and meal charge:569 USD
Duration in Hours: 200 Hours
Days: 30 Days
Total Hours of Teaching:200 Hours
Course synopsis: Hatha Yoga, Raja Yoga, Yoga Philosophy, Yoga teaching methodology, Anatomy & Physiology

Course Eligibility:

• Genuine seeker who has background of yoga and who would pledge to teach according to what he has been given including his /her personal experiences.
• Motivation letter describing the purpose and objective to join the course at Yoga Bhawna Mission for the selection procedure (Not less than in two hundred words)
• Candidate has to submit the health condition (self signed)click to download health certificate format


There will be selection procedure of application form by Yoga Bhawna Mission team and based on the eligibility and seats availability candidate will be selected for the course .Right of admission/rejection of application will be purely YBM team decision and YBM shall not be liable for any explanation.

Note: This is intensive Teachers training course and candidate with exposure of self practicing at-least of one year duration will be minimum criteria for applying this course, Experience more than year will be given preference.
Teaching technique: Our teaching technique is based as per the guideline set by Yoga Alliance USA and follow the standard parameter , apart from this we emphasize on our researched base teaching methodology as per the curriculum based on ancient various Yogic text book and our faculty enriched experience.

Course Syllabus:

1. Hatha Yoga: Shatkriya ,Asana ,Pranayama,Mudra, Bandha
2. Raja Yoga: Pratyahara, Dharana
3. Yoga Darshana (Philosophy): History of Yoga ,Branches of Yoga and Description of topics relevant to the course
4. Sharir Kriya Vijnana (Anatomy and Physiology)
5. Shikshan Pranali (Teaching Methodology): Correction, Balancing, Alignment etc.
6. Shikshanabhyasa (Teaching Practice)

Class structure:

(8 hours a day)
Wake up and self practice
Hatha Yoga session
Yoga Philosophy /Anatomy and physiology
Hatha Yoga & Raja Yoga session
Yoga Teaching and Methodology


  • There will be a test in last week of the course.
  • The contents of examination will vary for each course.
  • Only the successful candidate will be awarded the title of Yog Prashikshak.

Start DateEnd DateScholar Ship FeeRegular FeeDaysApply Now
15th Dec 201715th January 2018699 $1300 $30 daysApply now
20th January 201820th February 2018699 $1300 $30 daysApply now
25th February 201825th March 2018699 $1300 $30 daysApply now
30th March 201830th April 2018SEAT FULL1300 $30 daysSeat Full
7th May 20187th June 2018limited seats1300 $30 daysApply now
11th June 201811th July 2018limited seats1300 $30 daysApply now
16th July 201816th August 2018limited seats1300 $30 daysApply now
20th August 201820th September 2018limited seats1300 $30 daysApply now
24th September 201824th October 2018limited seats1300 $30 daysApply now
29th October 201829th November 2018limited seats1300 $30 daysApply now
3rd December 20183rd January 2019limited seats1300 $30 daysApply now
Start DateEnd DateScholar Ship FeeRegular FeeDaysApply Now
15th Dec 201715th March 20181400 $2400 $90 daysApply
7th May 20187th August 20181400 $2400 $90 daysApply
20th August 201820th November 20181400 $2400 $90 daysApply
3rd December 20183rd March 20191400 $2400 $90 daysApply
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200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training
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