Secret of Breathing

Secret of Breathing

This is full-time regular residential Pranayama course extended over period of 07 days.

This course is open only to those who have been practicing Yoga for long time and are prepare to undergo the extensive Pranayama practices.


We intend to highlight demonstrate and establish the importance of pranayama which sets the genuine standard of Yoga Practices eventually leading in to the states of sense observation awareness and concentration etc.

Unlike asana this faculty of Yoga has long been ignored and at times unintelligently taught without taking proper precautions.

We will introduce the students all the Pranayama practices enshrined in the original Yoga text. They are total around ten. We will also introduce the implication of Mudra and Bandha as to how they are practiced along with Pranayama.

*If somebody wants to extend their presence in the school for  this practice for longer periods of time they can be considered upon the availability of slots.

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You can also call us at our 24X7 helpline number for further details and registration