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Yoga Bhawna Mission Mission is a residential yoga teacher training school in India registered with Yoga Alliance,RYS 200 , RYS 300 and RYS 500. The core objective of these yoga teacher training courses is to provide and facilitate an understanding of yoga and its related practices from basic to intermediate to advance level, in an indigenous yet with modern approach which includes practice as well as theory. Whether you are novice to this unique science or just a beginner; here at Yoga Bhawna Mission you will be able to develop and skilled your understanding of yoga to a level that you will confident enough to teach yoga professionally.

Duration of yoga teacher training varies from course you have applied and the professional yoga teacher training start from 200 hours which extended over period of four weeks , 300 hours which extended over period of six weeks and 500 hours extended over period of eight weeks.

Yoga Bhawna Mission emphasizes on Yoga instructor training in India and the basic script of Yoga written in our Vedas and Upanishad and the motto is to derive it most friendly way so that it can be practiced my volume of people without losing the essence of its originality. The philosophy of professional yoga teacher training at Yoga Bhawna Mission would have not been completed without the support learned yoga guru and thus we focus on the objective of assembling best of Yoga Teachers.

Our Yoga teachers are of best of credential and have proven track record both nationally and internationally. Yoga Bhawna Mission not only promote and propagate social, intellectual, ethical, cultural and spiritual renaissance at all levels but also believe in spreading this unique science across the world in its most efficient and affordable way so that it can be access to everyone. We groom the holistic development of the students’ which is being successfully carried out by the dedicated contribution of skilled, efficient and competent faculty members as a mission of Yoga Teacher Training.

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